Restaurants Affected by the Hurricane


I'm interested in knowing how restaurants in the area have been affected by the hurricane, seeing how many of the best restaurants are on the waterfront. Which ones are closed and do they have plans to reopen?

Here is what I've heard so far:

1. Oakwood Lodge is closed permanently
2. Evans will be closed for repairs, but is expected to open in about a month.
3. Stoney's on Solomons took some damage, but I have no idea when they plan to reopen.
4. Ditto for Solomon's Pier.

Any additional information would be appreciated.

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There was a little info box in the Enteprise on Wednesday about the restaurants that were open, making repairs, whatever. Oakwood is the only one closed for good, and it says they will merge with Evans.


Solomon's Pier is open

I passed by it yesterday. There is damage to their outside seating area, but they are open inside.


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Pick up today's Enterprise. The weekend section has a list of all the restaurants affected in Charles, Calvert & St. Mary's counties and the status of the all.