Reuters: Beto The Hacker - 'Psychedelic Warlord' - Wrote of Murdering Children


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O’Rourke, who served three terms in Congress as a Texas representative and recently made a failed attempt to knock off Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, announced Thursday that he’ll be running for the White House. The following day, a report from Reuters claimed O’Rourke was a member of the prominent hacking group and apparently penned some pretty bizarre writings fantasizing about the murder of children as a teen.

Reuters reports:

The hugely influential Cult of the Dead Cow, jokingly named after an abandoned Texas slaughterhouse, is notorious for releasing tools that allowed ordinary people to hack computers running Microsoft’s Windows. It’s also known for inventing the word “hacktivism” to describe human-rights-driven security work.
Members of the group have protected O’Rourke’s secret for decades, reluctant to compromise his political viability. Now, in a series of interviews, CDC members have acknowledged O’Rourke as one of their own. In all, more than a dozen members of the group agreed to be named for the first time in a book about the hacking group by this reporter that is scheduled to be published in June by Public Affairs. O’Rourke was interviewed early in his run for the Senate.
"There is no indication that O’Rourke ever engaged in the edgiest sorts of hacking activity, such as breaking into computers or writing code that enabled others to do so," noted the outlet.

REVEALED: Beto O'Rourke Wrote Fantasy About Murdering Children, Report Says



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The recent legislation out of new York allowing for post birth abortions ought to be his wet dream come true. It is for many on the left.


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It was mentioned on the Greg Gutfeld show that - this man lost to TED CRUZ - and wants to run for President -
and that's like failing to make the high school varsity football team but deciding to try out for the NFL.