Revelation 16 Crispee Critters


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Revelation 16:8 The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire. 9 They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.​ restates.

The 4th Plague—The Sun Scorches Men: In addition to the suffering caused by the extreme heat there will also be other effects. Many streams and rivers will be dried up (Joel 1:17-20), causing trees and grass to die, and a great famine. Joel 1:10-12; Amos 8:3. Those who would deny God’s people the right to buy and sell the necessities of life are now starving and thirsty, but the bread and water of the righteous will be miraculously provided to them by their God. Isaiah 33:15-16; 41:17. “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.” Psalm 91:7-8.​

I need to get this straight.... for myself... by the time the sun scorches everything to a crisp.... all the people, who would ask Jesus to help are long gone. The humans left are too stubborn and stupid for their own good. When things get tough... they blame God and try to correct it using lowly stupid human brains and digits. This commentary has gone back to the financial burdens of the mark of the beast [dragon stamp]. IMHO... this crispy critter event happens months after that... it's like this is what will happen after a meteor hits and sends the earth too close to the sun or something...... a natural disaster that would clean the world of crispy evil stupid humans makes a lot more sense here than a credit card issue.

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The heart of man is so desperately wicked, that the most severe miseries never will bring any to repent, without the special grace of God. Hell itself is filled with blasphemies; and those are ignorant of the history of human nature, of the Bible, and of their own hearts, who do not know that the more men suffer, and the more plainly they see the hand of God in their sufferings, the more furiously they often rage against him. Let sinners now seek repentance from Christ, and the grace of the Holy Spirit, or they will have the anguish and horror of an unhumbled, impenitent, and desperate heart; thus adding to their guilt and misery through all eternity. Darkness is opposed to wisdom and knowledge, and forebodes the confusion and folly of the idolaters and followers of the beast. It is opposed to pleasure and joy, and signifies anguish and vexation of spirit.

You know... I feel sorry for these stubborn stupid humans. I really do.

When I was about 15 I stayed with my grandparents for a while. My Papa had a gold grand prix. He only drove it on Sundays and holidays... [Papa was a paint contractor so he used his van most of the time]. A stray cat crawled up in Papa's grand prix... and she had 6 kittens under the hood. It was horrible, that Sunday morning.... Papa started the grand prix and kittens flew. All of them were severely injured. Papa handed me a shovel and told me what I had to do. [I don't know why he made me do it... wasn't my car or my cat or my kittens.... but he did]. I finished off those six kittens with a shovel. It was horrible but it was kind. Stupid Stubborn Cat!!

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"The wishful thinking of some that men would repent if they only knew the power and righteous judgment of God is shattered by frequent mention in this chapter of the hardness of the human heart in the face of the most stringent and evident divine discipline." (Walvoord)​

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With the contents of the fourth bowl, the heat of the sun increased. It became so hot that it burned people.

The people knew that these troubles came from God. God sent them to warn the people. They should have turned from their sin and they should have cried out to God. They should have praised God who had such power. Instead, they cursed God. They did not turn from their sin. They did not praise God.​

There are still more bowls... so there are plenty of stubborn stupid humans left.... don't be deceived.... this is not just a sunburn... this a scorching.... if you go outside.... you will be burned crispy ... like KFC crispy.... so there are still stubborn stupid humans that are hiding in the shadows.... not crispy.... but still stubborn and stupid.