Revelation... Just because


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Over the past couple of weeks.... something has been laying on my heart.

First I felt called to visit a local church.
  • The Sunday School Bible Study was about Genesis. Apparently they are reading through the Bible book by book.... like I've been doing here.
  • It was a very friendly church. Apparently each new person [especially a woman showing up without a husband on her side] is assigned an escort who makes sure they meet everyone. My escort told me I must be a brave woman to show up alone.
Jehovah's Witnesses
Then if ran into a couple of people in the doctor's office. I'm dealing with squamous cell cancer. It's not a big deal... I just have to watch and have them cut out when I find them. While I was at the doctor's office two men arrived. Dressed in black dress pants and white dress shirts, I thought at first they might be deacons from the Mormon church [oops church of Jesus Christ].... and I might get a chance to discuss the Book of Mormon... since I've read it all. Nope... according to their name badges.... they were Jehovah's Witness. Interesting.... but then....

I went to the local Safeway... and when I saw the price of a loaf of bread I balked. I said out loud "why in the world does a loaf of bread have to cost $4.00?" and to my surprise a woman standing near me said.... "In the last days, a loaf of bread will cost a day's wage".... and when I looked over at her.... she continued "and I believe we are in the last days" to which I replied.... "I agree". She told me that she believed me to be a Christian. I told her I am and I told her I felt God was calling me for something. I mentioned the two men I had just seen in the doctors office.... to which she replied... "Jehovah's Witness... that's what I am!" She told me how happy she was to talk to a fellow believer and then went on about her way.... I'm thinking.... interesting...

Charles Stanley
And then this morning.... I did not want to wake up this morning.... especially at 3:25AM.... but I kept "needing" to get up and turn on the coffee pot... and since it's Sunday... Charles Stanley. I like Charles Stanley and I like to be awake for him.... but not this morning... I wanted to sleep... but I "needed" to get up... I turned on the coffee pot, the computer [post my daily verses], and the TV for Charles Stanley.... and what was he talking about this morning..... "Recognizing the Voice of God"

So... I don't know if I'm being called.... it sure feels like it.... it also feels like I "need" to do another look at Revelation....

Revelation 1:1 The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, 2 who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. 3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

Because the time is near.... and it's been near for a long time.... time... yep God controls time and God's the one who is going to get all this started.... or has it started already? Are we in end times?

This is from the Easy English Site.

Imagine what it would have been like, to live at the end of the first century. Your city is a part of the Roman Empire. You are a Christian. You are a member of a local church. There is only one church in your city. Your nearest church neighbour is over 40 miles away. There are good Roman roads. You could travel on your horse. You might reach your nearest neighbour in less than a day. Your leader is John the apostle. But the rulers have sent him away to another country. The reason was that he was a Christian. There are no large meetings where Christians worship together. There are no Christian books to encourage you. There is no New Testament to give you hope.

There have been many earthquakes in your country. There have been many local wars. You are afraid about many things. You wonder what will happen next.

Your neighbours do not like you. You are different from them. You have a different religion. Every day you are in danger. You turn to other religious groups for help. But there is no help from them. They do not agree with your religion. They even report you to the authorities. They say that you do not believe in God.

The rulers of the nations do not feel confident. They think that other people want to become leaders. They fear that another will take their place. They are jealous of any new religion. They see other people as a danger to their authority. They bring in new laws. The nation has become their religion. Their leader has become their god. Moreover he is the only one that you may worship. You ask yourself whether you may one day bow down to a strange god. It would be easy to do this. Some of your Christian brothers and sisters have already given up. They have turned away from Jesus Christ, their Lord.