Rioters Smash Windows, Force Businesses To Board Up In Downtown Portland


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Suspected members of Antifa demonstrated against President Joe Biden overnight in Portland, Oregon, forcing businesses to board up their windows and doors to protect against vandalism.

Around 150 “anti-ICE” (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) protesters marched through downtown Portland on Saturday night — a continuation of ongoing protests against the Biden administration’s decision to continue deporting some migrants under the Trump administration’s “public safety” rules, and news, which broke last week, of a detention facility for children opening on the United States-Mexico border.

Fox News reports that Saturday night’s demonstration, though, was the largest “in weeks.”
“Around 150 people marched through Portland’s Pearl District in what’s called a ‘direct action’ event, smashing windows of businesses like Starbucks, Chipotle, Umpqua Bank, and Urban Pantry and tagging them with graffiti, KION-TV in Portland reported,” according to Fox.

Although coverage of ongoing unrest in Portland has largely dropped off, the far-left protests have not abated. On the day President Joe Biden was inaugurated, suspected “anti-fascists” vandalized the city’s Democratic party headquarters, and just last month, Federal agents were called in to defend an ICE facility there. They tangled with rioters and, eventually, were forced to deploy non-lethal means of crowd control, including tear gas.



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That's great. I hope they destroy that whole nest of Socialist butt heads that run that town.

Maybe they will get the message that catering to these ANTIFA malcontents only encourages them.
Fire and police should just stand by and watch and try not to get injured.

Joe Biden will be sending them our tax money to rebuild.


Yeah, whatever
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I can't wait to see the DOJ's website with pictures of all the rioters so the public can help identify them. Or is that only applicable for east coast riots?


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Has anyone heard yet foisting the blame on right-wing groups? That is the unending refrain from my leftie relatives - ALL of the protest violence is right wing. Including Portland. This is why the first debate was so bizarre - you had both Wallace and Biden dismissing ANY violence on the left while repeatedly asking Trump to denounce right wing extremists - and asking AGAIN after he denounced them. UTTERLY oblivious to months of left wing rioting.

Why? Because their narrative is that it WASN'T lefties. It was peaceful. The right wing guys - THEY were the ones. That's why Democrat mayors wouldn't arrest them and Kamala bailed them out of jail.