Road Rage Insta-Karma


Power with Control

LA, clogged traffic, looks to be a highway entry ramp. Something the Ford Escape (not so much of that, evidently) did, I suspect being on a cell phone, led the driver of the E36 BMW 3 series convertible to exit his vehicle and walk back to the Ford and upbraid that driver, one of the gestures seems to be a cell phone gesture.

Driver of the Ford sort of drives towards the BMW driver, who almost by force of will stands the Ford guy down. That guy puts his window down, sticks his head out the window then pulls his head back in. Then more is said, the BMW driver spits into the Fords window, then walks back to his car and gets in. As he's doing that, Ford crosses into the oncoming or emergency lane, then cuts back hard into the side of the BMW. Results in the Ford climbing halfway up the door then turning turtle :)

BMW drivers facing misdemeanor charges, Ford guy is up on felony assault.