Rose Breasted Grosbeak


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What a treat! I saw the male sitting at my feeder this morning.

Had to do a double take because this weird looking bird was a "stranger". Ran and got my field guide, came back and looked for his picture. Meanwhile he's still feeding. Ok, this is cool, I thought...went to get the camera, came back...gone! :lol:

I've never seen one of these in my yard before. Has anyone else? I think it was just passing through.

Here's what he looked like. The beak is what first caught my attention.



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Aren't they cool!! Mine hung out about a week but it was late in the summer. I was thinking it was some sort of pet. :lol: Finally, I found a picture in a book.

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I had one at the feeder earlier this year, within the past month. Haven't seen it since though.


dang this is another bird fread:confused:

I only read Rose and breast:shrug:

ok still a cool pic even if I am a little let down now :lmao:


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I had one in Cedar Cove back in the 90s. Thought it was a parrot at first until I consulted the field guide.


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Pasofever said:
Wow I have never seen one of those..really pretty..
The female was at the feeder with him this morning. She's unremarkable.