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Beside myself ~ motorhome named "RUFFIN'IT ~ who else in SoMD is an RVer & where is you homebase?


Yeah, whatever
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I've done some camphosting in various locations. I'd rather do that than work. I've spent time at:

Long Point State Park, Three Mile Bay, NY
Cartier State Park, Morristown, NY
Lowell Point State Recreation site, Seward, AK
Settler's Cove State Park, Ketchikan, AK
Bolar Mountain campground, GW Nat Forest, Warm Spring, VA

I did spend 3 months in Yellowstone in a campground while I worked with a park concessionaire.

I try not to move too often. At the most 3-4 times a year. I use a lot of the military campgrounds. They work best for me. I rarely stay in a KOA campground.

My homebase is wherever I end up. My stick & brick home is in Florida.