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There's nothing worse, for a bike shop owner, than a grumpy old fart biker with a WELL RIDDEN bike, that needs some TLC.
Well, I'm that grumpy old biker, and they took my OLD bike, and made it run like NEW!
I brought it in last year for a top end and a new exhaust, along with a few other goodies. I was surprised at the difference it made.
This year, I was having some starting issues, so I bought a new starter, and brought it in. It became "The Nightmare" bike.......
It took a while, it wasn't cheap, but I've learned one thing about motorcycle maintenance...you get what you pay for, and Josh and Rusty are worth every dime.
I am now a HAPPY old fart biker!


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Every time I've dealt with them, they have been top notch professionals. Some places might talk down to a guy who is doing things himself, but they were great, talking to me about balancing my tires, how much weight I might need, just helpful and cheerful, talking about the cool things they were doing.

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Just to vent a bit, a few weeks ago I was headed south on 235 near the north end of Poplar Ridge Road and Whitehall Farms area. There was a pretty good line of traffic moving at or slightly below the 50 mph speed limit. Frustrating by but typical for the time of day. Suddenly, three extremely loud semi-custom Harleys came screaming down the shoulder of the road passing the entire line of, probably 10-15 cars. I estimate they were moving at least 70-80 mph. Scared the bejesus out of me. Anyhoo, they eventually turned in to the south end of Poplar Ridge, I'm assuming headed to SM City. I don't know if they were associated with the shop or just customers but either way, not the best way to represent the business. Brought to mind the Hollyrock Diesel Douches as previously discussed here at length.

Rant over. Homer, Out.


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S M just went through both of our Harleys from A-Z in the last few weeks and did their usual thoroughly professional job.