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I few years ago I had a company called Safe Siding from Prince Frederick install new vinal gutters on my house. The gutters seem great, but I made the mistake of letting the salesman talk me into "waterfall" leaf guards. These worked ok for the first year or so, then they got hopelessly clogged. I think I'm going to have to remove them to get the gutters cleaned out.

The salesman who sold them to me, "Tom", said that they had a seven year no-clog warrenty, and if they got clogged withing that time, he would personally come out and clean them. Of course, this was pure fiction. When I called the company after the gutters clogged, "Tom" had moved on, and nobody else had ever heard of such a no-clog guarentee.

I think Safe Siding has gone out of business, but I'm wondering if anyone else got suckered into buying these useless leaf guards like I did. My mother once told me that all gutter guards were scams...i should have listened to her.

James D

I was going to try those gutter guards that are 1 yard and full of holes that they sell at Lowes.

Have they worked for other people?


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Are they plastic mesh ones that you slide under the shingles? If so, put them up years ago and they work great.


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They make all different kinds of Gutter Gaurd. The one Sharon is talking about is the kind that I recommend to customers. It slides under the first row of shingles and locks into the outer lip of the guttering. I haven't had a problem out of them yet.



There's a gutter now called LeafGuard. I don't know if it's the same as you have ........... But here's their info:
1-800-491-1819........... Looking at the picture (LeafGuard), I can see dry leaves, etc falling off the gutter, but if they get wet!.... it seems that the leaves, etc. would just follow the curvture of the gutter into its drainage system, and later clog. I think I'll wait to hear from someone that has had this system for at least 4 years with no problems.
I use the rule of thumb of "WAIT at least 3 years for anything" i. e. cars, appliances, etc.... Everything new looks, and seems great, but time revails the truth!!!!