Sandals All Inclusive Resorts


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That is the one I was thinking about.
Was there a lot to do there, besides hanging out on the beach?
Food good?
Yes, there was a lot to do and 6 different restaurants to choose from. We did hire a private driver for a couple of days that took us all over the place, so that was nice.


What's your budget?
If you're looking for a special occasion, we stayed at the Sandals Grande St Lucia on our honeymoon. It ain't cheap but my god it was incredible. We've been to Jamaica, Negril and Montego Bay as well (not Sandals though). If you're looking for things to do besides the beach stay in Montego Bay, if you're a beach person, Negril has one of the nicest beaches in the world.

But seriously, St Lucia was an incredible experience. The resort is right next to a "state park" and you can pay like $8 and climb up the Pitons and see 360* of pure paradise.
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The good thing about the Sandals, is that you can stay at one resort, but visit and use all of them. The Montego Bay resort has a bus that will pick you up and take you to the other resorts.
We stayed at Montego Bay and loved it. Want to go back and stay at Negril.


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The LW and I went to Sandals Grenada last year and loved it. They greet you at the airport with trays of local rum, it's a 5 minute trip to the resort and the food was ridiculous good. Less than $6k for all of it except the off resort excursions we did.


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We stayed at the RIU Negril, usually the RIU's are very nice resorts, wasnt crazy about this one. You've got to take the "Wild Thing" catamarran ride to Ricks Bar and watch the divers, beautiful ride over. We also did a party boat ride on the river, had a great lunch, went to the YS Falls which were absolutely beautiful and the rum factory, all and all, was a great excursion.