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I want to buy a sandblaster but don't know anything about them. I’m interested in blasting rust from metal in preparation for painting. Not huge projects, but it’s for work so I need something durable since once I buy it, the whole organization will want to use it. Anyone knowledgeable enough to give me some advice? Feel free to PM me an email address if you want to communicate that way. :coffee:


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I have a small one from Sears, but it requires a pretty hefty CFM compressor. You also cannot use just any sand, even if it looks fine and uniform. There WILL be chunks that will clog the nozzle.

You're welcome to borrow mine anytime... assuming I can find it.... :confused: Not sure where I stuffed it....

Pretty close to this one...
Craftsman 50 lb. Sandblaster Kit with 1/4 in. Ceramic Nozzle - Tools - Air Compressors & Air Tools - Sand Blasters & Accessories
Yea, I tried the sifted or playground sand it does not work at all. So you have to buy the good stuff from an auto body supply place.


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And if I recall, you have to determine the type of media to use based on the metal you are stipping.

Sand will erode aluminum if I remember correctly.. some use plastic, or ground up walnut shells instead of sand..

I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a few years since I looked into it.


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Bob is right, you do have to take care to match the media (sand or other stuff that you use to blast with) to the material. Sand, for instance, can heat up sheet metal like that on a car body, so plastic media is usually used.


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I'm using sandblaster as a generic term. I'm really looking for someone with experience with brands and types.


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But I will add it has been my experience every time we try to save the gov't money it ends up costing us more.

Buy the best quality (usally the most expensive) that you can.