Sanders to make speech demonstrating his lack of understanding of the Constitution


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“Over 80 years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped create a government that made huge progress in protecting the needs of working families,” Sanders, 77, is expected to say, according to an excerpt from his remarks. “Today in the second decade of the 21st century, we must take up the unfinished business of the New Deal and carry it to completion. This is the unfinished business of the Democratic Party and the vision we must accomplish.”
Sanders’ campaign platform will largely hinge on the promise to address the growing wealth inequality and guarantee economic rights that he feels all American’s are entitled to. In January, Sanders proposed a plan that would impose higher estate taxes starting at $3.5 million with a 77 percent rate on billionaire estates.
“We must take the next step forward and guarantee every man, woman and child in our country basic economic rights – the right to quality health care, the right to as much education as one needs to succeed in our society, the right to a decent job, the right to affordable housing, the right to a secure retirement and the right to live in a clean environment,” Sanders said. “We must recognize that in the 21st century, in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, economic rights are human rights.”



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I keep wondering if somehow, this nation was violating all those basic human rights for the first 150 years of its existence.

When pioneers struck out onto the frontier, why weren't they demanding economic equality and the right to housing and
health care? I mean, they built this damned nation, why weren't they bellyaching about it, then?


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The new deal evidently worked for a lot of people, but it also added immensely to the National debt.
Something it is still adding immensely to.
Sander and his little bartender girl friend don't seem to mind doubling or tripling the debt we cannot afford to pay the interest on.
And at the same time they cry about the debt.

You can't have it both ways.

Als Mr. sanders has the right to pay more to the IRS any time he likes. How much has he voluntarily sent in.?