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Hey guys,

I just received an email from DirecTV DSL offering a new two-way broadband satellite connection.  Right now it costs $600 ($900 list minus $300 rebate) to get connected including professional installation and the monthly fee of $60.  For those of us off the beaten path with no hope of getting DSL from the phone company this might be the ticket.  Now if I can only talk the wife into it.  The site is


The DirecTV DirecWay/DirecDuo Satellite broadband appear to have a limitation that I can't live with. You can't connect them to a local network via router. Thus, multiple PC's in the home cannot share the connection. Of the info I could find, it appears that there are two satellite modems, a send modem and a receive modem.

However, Dish Network offers Starband service which is similarly priced. If I didn't already have DirecTV and UltimateTV, I'd go with the Dish/Starband product.

Ken King

A little rusty but not crusty
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Check the FAQ section, they now do.  That was a concern of mine also.



I am seriously considering DirecWay 2-way satellite Internet access. The deal described at the link in the first post currently offers $99 down/ $99 a month (1 year commit) = $1287.

This is almost good. It averages out to be about the same as the normal, standard-offer service over the course of a year: $580 down/ $59 a month (1 year commit) = $1288. In addition, it is more attractive because of the lesser up front cost.

What I am asking the forum is this:
1) Does anyone know what the typical upload speeds are for this kind of connection? I want to serve content from my home and I don't want to do it over a modem-like link. Also, is this even possible? Can I get a static IP with this kind of setup?
2) What experience with Internet games does anyone have using a 2-way satellite connection? Is it tolerable?
3) Are there any other broadband solution providers that service the Mechanicsville area? Wireless? Cable? How can I find out?
4) I guess I'll have to ask the vendor about this last one, but any input would be appreciated. If I could consolodate my cable TV service to the satellite as well, I may be able to save some money. But, will I be able to get my local stations on the satellite link? How will this affect my cost per month?

Thanks to everyone in advance. :)


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Ok we have dirctv and they are always bugging us for the internet, but this is the reason why we haven't gotten it!!

If it rains heavy or storms forget it!!!
If it snows and snow is on your sat. dish- forget it!!! (now I no it never snows here, but that little bit of snow that we got this year, it didn't work!!)
Make sure you have a clear path for the sat. dish, one little leaf, of if it's windy-it won't work!!!
You are also on a delay-for live feedings, more so than regular!!

But other than, it is ok!!  They offered me $300 for the system and $60 a month.  We are thinking about if comcast doesn't there act straight!!