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Reagan shut down the institutions. Biden* is hiring them and passing EOs forcing others to hire them.


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I am not anti trans, I am not anti anyone who has mental problems.
They are sick people , like any other sickness they need to be cared for. They need help.
They do not need to be encouraged in their sickness.

They do not need to be told that they can change their gender with an operation and some drugs.
They do not need to be lied to.
Any man who would claim to be a woman so they can win a trophy by physically beating a woman at a sport, is a chauvinistic ass whole ,and a sick individual who should be ashamed of themselves.


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So, being "anti-trans unfairly competing against girls" is just anti trans.
Funny that the nation's most famous trans person - and an Olympic gold medalist - is AGAINST trans boys competing in girl's events.
That one interaction with a reporter was laughable - he was trying to CORRECT Caitlyn on his opinion.