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Looking into the article Scarborough cited, you get nothing about Biden's gaffes, including claiming Daniel K. Inouye was from Japan (he was Hawaiian from birth) and left out the disgusting kitchen fire story where he compared Maui's destruction and death to a kitchen fire he had one time that almost burned his cat and his Corvette. There was also nothing about the "hot pavement" joke he made.

What is included were quotes and interviews of Maui residents, but the ones that were allowed to attend Biden's Maui gathering. This would be like asking people at a Trump rally about how great Trump is. It's going to be a bit biased.

But Scarborough wants you to take all of this as Maui being incredibly thankful and supportive of Biden, and to ignore those "Trumpy" outlets, invoking the left's most hated man to get you to ignore any negative press about Biden.

But the truth can be seen with your own eyes and ears. Residents didn't appreciate his speech with one saying that Biden flippantly dismissing the damage as replaceable rubbed them wrong. Scarborough didn't seem to want to address Maui residents lining the road protesting Biden and even flipping him off.

If the response was so "overwhelmingly positive" as Scarborough claimed, then why aren't there more interviews by various media outlets featuring Maui residents gushing over and praising Biden? As I write this, I'm currently on the front page of Scarborough's own network, MSNBC, and I'm not seeing a single article of Maui residents singing Biden's praises.

Here's the bottom line...



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Morning Vomit: Joe Scarborough Thanks God That 'Brain Surgeon' Biden Is President

Pro Tip For Joe Scarborough: When seeking to praise Joe Biden, under absolutely no circumstances make mention of the "brain."

On today's Morning Joe, Biden fanboy Joe Scarborough, waxing ecstatic over Biden's meeting yesterday with Xi, asserting the value of Biden's foreign-policy experience, Scarborough made perhaps the most unfortunate analogy possible, comparing Biden to a "brain surgeon."

"I'm so sick and tired of people talking about, oh, we want an outsider to, to run the most important country in the world ...If I'm getting brain surgery, I don't want a guy who's good in action movies. I want a guy who's the best brain surgeon and who's done it a thousand times. And this, this is where we see, as far as foreign policy goes, there's so many flash points that are happening right now. And thank God Joe Biden is in there. I'm just saying that, thank God he's in there."

Seriously, Scarborough: analogizing Biden to a brain surgeon? Putting Biden and brain surgery together in a sentence? Surely you understand that's bound to bring to mind images of Biden not as a surgeon, but as someone on the receiving end of surgery. Remember—a majority of Americans believe that Biden's brain isn't up to the job of president.


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Scarborough: If Elected, Trump Will 'Execute' As Many People As He Can Get Away With!

We've oft documented, as here, poor Scarborough's fascism fetish when it comes to describing Trump. Joe's mania reached a crescendo today, as variations on that f-word were deployed no fewer than 25 times in the show's first 17 minutes.

Joe hammered the DNC theme for 2024: "If you want to be fair, then you will frame this as Joe Biden being the candidate that supports American democracy, and Donald Trump, a candidate who supports a new form of government here that's authoritarian. It's really that simple."

That eventually led scare-mongering Scarborough to predict that —given the chance—Trump would "execute" as many people as he could get away with. Nobody fears "fact checkers" will get involved.

"If he is voted into office, then a lot of these people that are talking about literal, or figurative, or whatever the hell they're saying, are going to look like idiots.Because he will do, he will get away with, he will imprison, he will execute, whoever he is allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country . . . He will do, he will get away with, he will imprison, he will execute whoever he is allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country."

So, what do you foresee, Scarborough? On Inaguration Day, in addition to the viewing stands, will Trump also order the erection of a gallows -- or perhaps with some Gallic flair, a guillotine?

Do you object to this frightwig, er, forcecasting? Scarborough mocked critics: "a lot of these people that are talking about literal, or figurative, or whatever the hell they're saying, are going to look like idiots." So now the guy who always claimed "the walls were closing in" on Trump now says he'll be executing people with impunity. Who looks idiotic?

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough predicting that, if elected, Donald Trump would "execute" as many people as he could get away with was sponsored in part by Servpro, GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Trelegy, Abbvie, maker of Rinvoq, and Skechers.


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Regime Change? Scarborough Suggests Halting US Funding For Israel Until Bibi Booted

Scarborough obviously detested Netanyahu and, in his tirade, accused him of ignoring the dangers in Gaza, focusing instead on the West Bank.

But regardless of Scarborough's opinion, Netanyahu was and, at least for the present, remained the duly elected prime minister. So, how would things play out if Scarborough's suggestion were adopted, and US funding for the Israeli war effort were cut off?

Surely there would be much rejoicing in Gaza and among the terrorists of Hamas at the prospect of a weakened Israel, deprived of vital resources needed to defend itself and take the fight to Hamas. The terror group's incentives to release more hostages would also be diminished since it would not be facing the same level of military pressure from Israel.


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I have never-ever watched Joe Scarborough, my stomach is not designed to be upset by his really stupid left-wing regurgitating.
The only source I have for him is here and in other news sources that write about him, and even that is unfortunate.
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