Schiff blasts Trump's 'un-American' order to intel agencies to cooperate with Barr probe


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I still want to know why schiffless hasn't be charged with obstruction. He openly claimed he has the proof of Trump's collusion so why hasn't he provided it to the authorities? Could it be he was lying?
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Do you think Schiff actually listens to himself speak?
Of course he does. Remember that he's not talking to you or me - he is talking to the mindless progs who lap this crap up so they can parrot and fake being smart in front of other dumb people. In short, he's talking to the majority of Democrat voters. He's talking to Stupidus, not you.

Look at the comments on his tweets. That tells you the caliber of person he's after because their ignorance and immaturity will literally make your head hurt.


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Is Schiff trying to say that Trumps watched Obama form a Deep State inside the intelligence agencies and now he is trying to find out how?


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This is what we call projection. Schiff is accusing President Trump of exactly what the Left has been doing for years. Barr is investigating their scheming and corruption, which is making players like Schiff, former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brenna, former DNI James Clapper, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and others squirm.

It was the Obama White House, FBI and Department of Justice that weaponized law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies. Whether it was the IRS working with DOJ to target conservative tea party leaders or the FBI using a bogus Clinton funded dossier to justify domestic spying on Americans working for the Trump campaign.

Further, Trump isn't covering up anything. He didn't assert executive privilege over the Mueller report, 90 percent of which is non-redacted. The 10 percent redacted material relates to sources and methods, in addition to grand jury information.