Scientists want to launch depictions of nude humans to aliens


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The study is based on a 1974 communication

Scientists have studied the possibility of broadcasting a new message into outer space – including the image of nude human figures – with the hopes of reaching extraterrestrial life.

In addition to the human forms, the message would also include DNA structure, the binary and decimal systems, prime numbers, mathematical operations, algebra, exponential operations, particle physics, the most common elements, a map of the solar system and the location of Earth, an image of Earth and its characteristics and an invitation to respond. The message would be timestamped, using a timeline originating from the Big Bang.



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Am I the only one that thinks sending a map with directions to to Earth out into space hoping an alien race gets and deciphers it a bad idea?


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No need for nudes they created us and come back every so often grab a few humans and experiment on them