Scott pruitt offered ride in car, environmentalists upset


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Another “scandal” involving Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt has become public. In August 2017, Pruitt was offered a ride in a hydrogen fuel cell Lexus. Arrangements for the test drive took place before Toyota — the parent company of Lexus — announced it was partnering with the EPA to reform management at the agency.

The discovery is thanks to EPA emails recently obtained by the Sierra Club, an environmental organization, through Freedom of Information Act requests.

To be clear, Pruitt was not offered a vehicle itself, but just the chance to give it a test drive.


To conclude: A simple test drive never even took place and subsequent partnership plans were ultimately scrapped. Such an arrangement does not have the trappings of the next Watergate scandal, but media outlets and critics have nevertheless pounced.

“The revelations add to a growing list of ethics controversies swirling around the embattled EPA boss,” E&E News reported Friday.

Is there any perk Scott Pruitt wouldn’t accept from the industries the EPA regulates?” said Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, in a statement to Think Progress.