Selling my GoldWing

Test drove the spyder. Hated it. Didn't like anything about the bike; the looks, the high upright sitting posture, the inertia trying to throw you over the handlbars in a tight turn....

I would prefer a bike, but my body is rebelling. Looked at a number of small convertible sports cars, and liked a few, but it's just a car. The slingshot is a combination of the two.... freedom of a bike, open air, 5 on the floor shifting like a sports car, low profile....

and it looks like no other machine on the road. I've always gone for different and unique.


Power with Control
really, you couldn't tell that by all the NON Helmeted drivers on the road

Yeah, has to be a pretty bored cop to care enough to get on you for that. Saw one the other day up near the Steak in a Sack. Guy did have a helmet, but it was 50 degrees. The company has had to deploy lawers in most states to try and get them defined legally so you don't have to, but a lot places they end up being lumped in with bikes since they don't comply with FMVSS. Some places like MD, they hoped to sneak in as "autocycles", a vestige of the early 20th, when they were motorizing all the things.