Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Who Was in Charge of Capitol Security on Jan. 6 Dies Suddenly, Hours Before Hearing


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I knew he was a maniacal child, with his McDonalds obsession, but really?

Death of Trump’s political career, June 28, 2022



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So... how about we talk about the GOOD things the the CURRENT administration has done. Seeing as the previous admin has been gone and out of office for the last 18 months!


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"Obsession" does not even begin to adequately describe her level of psychosis on display.
Y’all think I’m Liz Cheney or something?

Just waiting for you to wake up to the monster he is, but you’ll just dig in your heels, you’ll never admit you were wrong.

When this all happened on Jan 6 it was supposedly Antifa…..what say you now?