Seth McFarland - Orville


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Fox does it again. I don't know how you feel about Seth McFarland, but I think this looks funny. Besides, Adrianne Palicki is easy on the eyes.



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I was somewhat disappointed with the first show.

I'll give it a few to find its legs and see what happens but it's not off to the start I expected.


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It was a bit slow, but I liked it. I found the back-n-forth between McFarlane and Palicki funny.

I'll continue to watch it for the simple fact that it's Sunday night at 8:00PM.


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Kind of reminds me of what DS9 was like when they decided to do something silly with the Ferengi.

I'm enjoying it - a bit - the actress who plays the doctor is obviously very good. But something's missing.

In some regards, they're relying heavily on the fact that we've all seen Star Trek and know what transporters are, what food replicators do and have various similarities like a jump to warp looks the same and the shuttles look similar and enter through the same spot on the rear of the ship, or that the bridge has a command chair circle with navigation and helm and everyone else all around it.

But I think what's missing is, the stories so far are - ok. Nothing very clever but more like what you'd find in a half hour show.
(I did think the whole Kardashian thing at the end was funny).

I'm curious what they're going to do with the little female hatchling.


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No but I will check it out.
I don't have All Access, but I've cough snippets on YouTube. I'm reading quotes from life long Trekkies that it's not Star Trek in the vein of TOS, TNG, etc. Too dark (like the J.J Abrams movies) and breaks some of Roddenberry's basic canons.