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Sharon Osbourne to Host Daytime TV Talk Show

By Caroline Humer

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sharon Osbourne, the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who became a celebrity in her own right from their famously foulmouthed MTV reality show, is bringing her rough-around-the-edges act to daytime television.

The spiky-haired Osbourne, photographed wearing pearls and a pink sweater on the cover of the August edition of the wholesome Ladies Home Journal magazine, will launch an hourlong talk show, named "Sharon," in September on the WB network.

The 50-year-old mother of three is realistic about finding a niche on daytime TV.

"I could never be as good as Oprah (Winfrey). ... I won't be recommending books. That's not my thing. My experience is life," Osbourne said in an interview with Reuters.

For Osbourne, life is full of drama.

Her son, Jack, was in a substance abuse treatment center this spring and her daughter Kelly recently tasted the high of recording her first album, only to be dumped soon after by her label. Osbourne herself is in remission from colon cancer.

Osbourne's fame started with the TV show that featured her at home with a slew of incontinent pets, her equally foulmouthed husband and a lot of "bleeps" on the soundtrack. It has just been renewed for a third season.

The British-born Osbourne hopes people will connect with her working-class sensibility, which she attributes to having left school at 15 to start working two jobs. She plans to interview people who "really interest" her.

"There is a woman I read about the other day that got arrested -- she was breast-feeding her baby while driving her car," Osbourne said. "There is a woman I'm going to be interviewing who was put in jail for playing music too loud in her home."

She may use her children as reporters to cover such events as the Teen Choice Awards for her show, which will be shot on a set made to look like her home. There will be a "Sharon-cam" hooked up to her house so she can talk to Ozzy when he is not touring.

She will also be turning to every good talk show's fodder. "I love celebrities," she said.