She is so annoying


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Okay. :yay: As far as Gwyneth, I think she is an elite Hollywood type that has no clue, and thinks her opinion/what she does matters to us commoners. If she tried to feed a fam on what she spent her food stamps on, they would all starve to death. When will Hollywooders understand that America doesn't care what they say or do? It has no impact. Just entertain us! Well, I guess they do that on and off the screen. :lol:


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like clockwork.

time to tip the bottle and act like a loon.

she already slept off last night.


Oh hey, Sal. I do have things to do during the day, and post my majority at night. You seem to have a problem with that because you are a troll. Don't trolls sleep during the day? I need to Bing that. You are so absolutely adorable! :pinchcheeks:

Too funny. "When trolls sleep during the day, humans can accidentally mistake them for rocks."
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So many great responses, I couldn't pick one. Trying to keep this thread as short as possible. Oh, and I highly recommend body cams to anyone that goes to a meet and greet!

Who needs body cams? This has all been covered before - right here on the forums.

Your first PM to me - March 24, 2012:

mamatutu said:
Hi Bann,

Sorry I unleashed on you. I am high strung and opinionated and also have had some life changing events lately. I am a newbie and obviously need more experience. I want to be accepted on the forum, and truly meant no harm to you personally. Actually, your responses helped me to get a grip...again! Hope the forum doesn't have 3 strikes you are out policy when it comes to meltdowns...because I only have one left.:cds:

Yours in forum friendship,

My reply to you:
Bann said:
I'll accept your apology in the spirit in which it is given. I think if you really want to experience a fun time and be accepted on the forums you should really not take things so seriously.

A couple of other points I would like to make. *Everyone who posts is opinionated. That's the nature of discussion. *I am *very opinionated in issues I am passionate about. Surprise - not everyone always agrees with me nor thinks I ever make a valid point. But you know what? I don't lose sleep over it.

And nearly everyone I know has life changing issues going on. We never know what anyone is experiencing at any one given time in their personal lives. People carry burdens all the time and function in real life, or at least should be able to.

If you get to know the forumites by watching what they post and how they post, you will also get a better understanding of them. Not always, but most of the time you will. There are idiots and trolls here, but there are idiots wherever you go. :shrug: The forums are no different.

People are people, human nature is human nature. Sometimes, people just don't like another person for whatever reason. Not everyone likes everyone, nor is that even necessary. There are forumites who don't like me - and guess what? I really don't care. It's just the way it is & again, I certainlly don't lose sleep over it!

Thanks for your PM, and good luck to you on the forums. See you around :howdy:
There are others who gave you similar advice in those early days. I'll let them share their own PM's.

Additionally, there are many threads where you make claims about the way things went at the ONE meet & greet you attended. As evidenced in the example I posted yesterday, I ignored your personal recollection of that meet & greet and let it go. Fantasies are just that. :shrug:

However, after your incessant theatrics day after day and many more months of "blahblah" about how you're picked on endlessly and how much of a b*itch I am to you when you had "attempted to mend bridges with me" - I decided I'd had enough of it and I then posted this:

What can I say bann; you are the most nasty/hateful forum member on here. Wear your crown proudly.

Edit: I edited because I know you have a problem with that; but I didn't edit my post, so it was just for fun. :smile:
Hate to burst your bubble, but you'd have to matter to me in order for me to have a problem with you.

As to being the most nasty/hateful forum member? I guess I'll get my crown on Friday night. :diva:

YOUR problem with me - is that I ignored you. Let's try this over again. I tried to explain to you back in March in a return PM that you needed to take the forums less seriously. (turns out I'm not the only one who did). You didn't heed very well given advice from MORE THAN ONE FORUMITE. I don't care - I have enough in my life to keep me occupied, and I don't need people projects. You either learn to deal here or you don't.

SO... you show up at a Friday night gathering at Vera's and I was indifferent. So what? I was civil & cordial when introduced, and in fact, made no comments regarding your behavior on the forums to you the entire night. I simply didn't interact with you. However, just like on the forums, you cannot stand to be ignored. You cannot click the "X" and move on. So, you appeared at the end of the table where I sat, and began to blather on & on like you do here about starting over, about apologies, being friends, :blahblah: :blahblah: Talk about weird. Social cues seem to be lost on you.

THAT is what *your* problem is. You can't stand the fact that I was unmoved by your attempt at "mending bridges". As I said here some time ago - there were no bridges to mend. We were not friends, we were mere acquaintances after you showed up at Vera's. Your repeated visits to the forums & appearance in every single thread your name is mentioned in to declare your outrage, your incessant mea culpas and subsequent crybaby behavior are some of the reasons people don't give a flying fig about you. And it's gotten very tedious.
March, 2012 - your first PM exchange with me
June, 2012 - your first meet & greet
September, 2012 - my post above

Fast forward to today - #nothinghaschanged #whereismycrown


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There are some POOR people down there. People do desperate things just to ensure that they can eat. I agree that our standard of "poor" is probably quite rich compared to most others.

the poor here are not poor, they have electricity and smart phones ...