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Bought a car over the weekend and just want to lay out my experience with this dealer.

Last week, I contacted a salesman at Sheehy Nissan about a used car on their lot. They confirmed the car was available and I got a final price.

Saturday came and I texted the salesman before heading to the dealer, confirming the car is available. I stopped by my bank and got pre-approved for the full amount in case negotiations fell flat. Since my bank needed a bill of sale from the dealer, we called and spoke to a manager who said the car was sold a few days prior but that they got an "identical" one with less miles and it's $500 more.

Since we got a babysitter and were really set on buying a car that day, we went to the dealer anyway.

We show up, and look at the car. Obviously a rental with some small exterior scratches that can easily be buffed out. The interior was scratched and beat up (again, a rental).

We end up meeting with the same salesman (mind you, I still have yet to hear from him about the car being sold) and test drive the car, yada, yada, yada.

We start talking numbers and we say we're not paying an additional $500 for 200 less miles on a 2019 car in that condition. There must have been some confusion because originally the salesman said the manager would go for $750 off ("We price our cars based on market research so people can get in the door"), or $250 less than the price of the car we were originally coming to look at.

Eventually the manager comes over and says the offer is not back to the original offer and only if we use their financing.

I asked if $750 will break this deal and he said yes, so we noped the **** out of there. Drove 30 seconds down the road to Waldorf Ford, found the same car, and drove it off the lot 2 hours later.

This morning the original salesman called me asking if we could do the deal.

The original salesman never told us the car we had been talking about for a week got sold. The manager could have cared less about our experience and customer service in general and seemed to get upset when we pointed out all the cosmetic issues leading us to not want to pay full price. He also seemed surprised that people would come to a car dealership to haggle pricing.

If you want a car priced cheap and don't care about the service you get, Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf is for you.


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Yeah, pretty bad. Especially so when they think they have a fish already in the boat. You are just supposed to lay there gasping in the bottom and let them club your wallet. I remember when the local Jeep dealer sent a guy down to NC to bring a vehicle up for us, based on the fact that it had the list of options we wanted (Literally every single one :)). It arrives, and it's missing the cooling option on the seats. First attempt was to insist we were wrong. Of course it has that. Go over and walk down the list of options, point out that no, it doesnt. "Well, that's not a showstopper, right?" Duh, yes. We were pretty clear, we wanted Every. Single. Option. "Well, this was as close as we could get within the 300 mile range we can go out to". Sorry bout that, shoulda asked us before shagging off down there and hoping you could ram the deal through. So I flew 500 miles out to Ohio. :)


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Dealers are slimy rip off artists. I negotiated a price for a 2018 Hyundai online and said that if this the no Bull $h!t "Sheehy Price" price I will be in to buy the car that night. Oh they assured me that's the price. I get there and they try to tack on 3g's, then won't honor any discounts if you don't finance through them. Then they offered $200 for a trade that KBB said wholesale was $1700-2000 (wasn't expecting much for it with 275k miles). AND the gang banger music blaring overly loud on the PA was a nice touch too.. I walked out.

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I've bought 3 vehicles from waldorf ford. My go to place if I'm buying a ford.

Only problem I had was with their body shop when I had a vehicle there for some warranty work. Little punks that shuffle your car around had blasted the stereo (Excuse me, but my vehicle was not here for radio work, don't touch it). They left body shop dust all over the paint, so another mouth breather comes out with a rag and spray nine. I told him don't even think about touching my paint.

Never ever ever ever let a dealer wash and detail your vehicle. I have many horror stories that they do not know what they're doing.