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Detectives from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office spent countless hours over the past two weeks exploring all leads to apprehend the suspect in the PNC Bank Robbery that took place on May 9, 2019 in Owings, MD. Detectives were able to determine a suspect using all available technology in law enforcement investigations.

Leads took Detectives to Donald Edward Rankin, 63 of Lexington Park, MD, who has a lengthy criminal history to include illegal narcotic use and sexual abuse of a minor where he was currently wanted through a neighboring jurisdiction.

The investigation took detectives and members of the warrant apprehension unit to a hotel in Prince George’s County on May 18, 2019 where the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Rankin was processed and charged with Armed Robbery, 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, Illegal Handgun Possession and Theft Over $1500. Rankin and is being held at the Calvert County Detention Center on a No Bond Status pending an additional bond review on Monday, May 20, 2019.

Detectives would like to thank the community for their assistance in this investigation and the many leads that were sent.

Donald Edward Rankin
Donald Edward Rankin

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If I may ...
If I may ...

"Spent countless hours?" Hahahahahaha. Such melodrama. You can bet your bippy that those hours were counted. Regular time. Overtime pay. Number of deputies involved in the case. Etc.. Not only to be used for the Sheriff's annual propaganda report, but may also be questioned by the defense attorney representing the defendant.


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Well, I don’t know what useful information the hours spent finding this man is relevant in the defense, in fact, the assumption that is is laughable, but if someone wants to make that a point certainly is the freedom of speech.