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Guide Gear walkers are the only shoe I can be sure will consistently fit my feet properly.


Light she was and like a fairy
And her shoes were number nine
Herring boxes, without topses
Sandals were for Clementine


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I have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable.

I give up.
Same, but not as hard as my mom. She has a very narrow foot and has to special order all her shoes. She's lucky to find ones that stay on her feet. She gave up on comfort years ago.


..if momma ain't happy...
Bought a pair of Columbia tennis shoes from Famous Footwear. Comfy. But, I did go up a size and find they fit nicer.

Guess I didn't realize feet grow. 🤨


..if momma ain't happy...
Recently bought my aunt a pair from FF. She's a ladies size 11 WW. Picked her up a men's 9.5 W, Skeechers. She is astounded with the comfort, says they are the best pair of shoes shes had in a long time.

And she has boxes of brand new ladies sz 11 sitting around here she won't wear.


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Happy for everyone that found shoes they like.👍

My feet are most comfortable barefoot. When I lived in Maryland I always walked around outside and drove barefoot. People would ask me "where are your shoes?" When I moved to Florida people warned me I wouldn't be able to go barefoot there because of fire ants. I didn't listen.. then wished I had. Painful experience.


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I think you should consider a pair of sneakers, maybe memory-foam ones. If you tried a couple of pairs and didn't like them, it doesn't mean they're all bad. Most of the adults I see every day wear sneakers. Of course, some of them look overly vibrant and childish, but it mostly depends on the brand. No one forces you to pick outrageous colors.
For example, I love Adidas original sneakers. They look great and go well with my usual outfits. My favorite pair is Adidas supreme classic. They're so comfy and nice-look that other models pale in comparison.
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