Shooting at Weis?


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From a friends FB post.....

"So hearing word there was a shooting at Weis in St Mary's Square and a guy with a gun is on the loose. There is a chopper circling near my house. Anyone know or heard anything?"


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and this is how rumors get started.
Not seeing anything on Facebook or news feeds.
Still no news of a shooting at Wies, but this may have been what all the commotion was about
On Thursday, June 20, 2019, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office detectives developed information that two suspects in recent shootings on Ronald Drive in Lexington Park and Mojave Drive in Great Mills and an armed robbery in Lexington Park were in possession of firearms. The suspects were approached in Lexington Park, and a foot chase ensued. One of the suspects fled to the area of St. Mary’s Square and ran through the Weis Market. Both suspects were eventually caught, and two BB guns were recovered.

The suspect vehicle in the shooting cases was located on Route 235 and a traffic stop was initiated. The vehicle refused to stop, and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The suspect vehicle was then involved in a collision on Great Mills Road with other vehicles and the occupants fled. There were no reported injuries in the collision. The suspect driver of the vehicle was caught a short distance from the collision and placed into custody. The suspect vehicle was discovered to be reported stolen from Bowie.

*Vincent Lavey Harrington, 18 of Bowie, was charged with First-Degree Assault, Second-Degree Assault and Use of a Handgun in the commission of a Felony, Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle and numerous driving violations.

*Anthony Albern Rice Jr., 18 of Drayden, was charged with Armed Robbery, First-Degree Assault and Use of a Handgun in the commission of a Felony and related charges.

*Kyjuan Tyrese Bush, 17 of Lexington Park, was charged as an adult with Armed Robbery, First-Degree Assault, Second-Degree Assault, Theft, Use of a Handgun in the commission of a Felony, Fourth-Degree Burglary and related charges.

Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Division, the Vice Narcotics Division, the Special Operations Division and the Patrol Division all participated in the arrests on Thursday.

Anthony Albern Rice Jr​

Kyjuan Tyrese Bush​

Vincent Lavey Harrington​

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