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‘This Is Insane’: Tucker Carlson Calls Out Fauci For ‘Lying About COVID’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Dr. Anthony Fauci Tuesday evening for “lying about COVID” and failing to answer questions about the virus’s origins following Fauci’s last press briefing at the White House before his retirement.

“When the COVID pandemic began in early 2020, everyone wanted to be Tony Fauci. We did and had him on the show, actually, and then he started lying in ways so obvious that you could not ignore it, you began asking what is this about? The guy in charge of the COVID response is lying about COVID, why?” Carlson said. “He lied about herd immunity, then he lied about masks, then he repeatedly lied about vaccines. You can’t lie if you’re a public health official, but he kept doing it. Today, Tony Fauci, who is now 81, held his last press conference and appropriately enough, he decided to tell one final lie about masks.”

Carlson then noted Fauci, who announced he would step down as President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser Aug. 22, claimed that the unvaccinated were the “real danger” when it came to a potential winter spike of COVID. Fauci’s net worth reportedly increased by $5 million during the pandemic.


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Unredacted Fauci e-mails: a bad look

I expect you are not surprised at all to learn that I think Anthony Fauci is a liar, extortion artist, and a fraud.

I am keeping my adjectives safe for work. My NSFW descriptions would be less charitable. Whether he is a criminal is up to others to decide, but his policy recommendations during the COVID pandemic have cause massive and irreparable harm. His legacy is one of destruction, but his reputation will remain strong due to the efforts of his friends.

Left-wing journalist Jimmy Tobias, who writes often for The Nation and The Guardian, has been a FOIA machine. He has been tracking down the origins of COVID and the likelihood of a coverup taking place at the highest levels of our government.


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Anthony Fauci Urges Americans to Get COVID Tests Before Thanksgiving: ‘Everybody Should Be Vaccinated’

“First of all, everybody should be vaccinated and boosted with flu and with COVID ,” he began. “Whether or not you wear a mask — or another thing we shouldn’t underestimate is testing.”

Fauci then urged Americans to get tested the day before attending holiday gatherings, including Thanksgiving, which is two days away.

“So when we’re gathering at a family gathering for Thanksgiving or for Christmas or for any other holiday as we get into the winter, it makes sense that you might want to get a test that day before you come into a place in which you might be infected and spread it, or other people who might be there in order to protect,” he said, identifying masking as “important” but describing “vaccine boosting” and “testing” as “part of the spectrum of protecting yourself.”

Fauci’s remark coincides with the recent plea from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which on Monday urged Americans to get an “updated” shot before the holidays:



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💉 Yesterday, the White House’s so-called ‘Covid Coordinator,’ Ashish Jha, if that’s his real name, held a covid press briefing with extra-diverse LGBTQ++ press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (ditto) and that poisonous reptile Fauci. The good news is, unless you’re a news junkie, you probably didn’t even hear about it. The other good news is it was Fauci’s last briefing, ever. One more thing to be grateful for!

Oh! And one more. According to CDC statistics, only about 11% of people aged 5 and older have gotten the new-and-improved bivalent booster.

For some reason.

The interesting part was that, while lovingly describing the amazing benefits of triple, quadruple, or quintuple servings of mRNA spike protein, Jha said, and I am not making this up, that if every American took a booster shot, it would “prevent essentially every covid death.”


First of all, we now see why they hired Jha. He’s an expert at weasel words. “Essentially every” covid death is not quite the same thing as “every” covid death, is it? And it’s not the first time Jha has played this lizard-lipped game:

Almost definitely.” Uh huh.

And that’s not the worst of it, not even close. Jha is talking out of his lower aperture. There’s no reliable clinical data — none, zero — suggesting that taking a booster “almost definitely” prevents “essentially every” at-risk person from dying of a serious covid infection. Not a scrap.

In fact, the data we do have suggests the exact opposite. Boosters appear to make folks more likely to catch covid, which necessarily increases an at-risk person’s chance of dying. I mean, they can’t die from it if they don’t catch it to start with.

Jha then dropped this little chestnut: “The real leaders of American medicine are out there telling you that you need to go get a vaccine. You can decide to trust America’s physicians or you can trust some random dude on Twitter.”

This is great! He said YOU can decide! So, decide.

I’m going with the random dude on Twitter.



If I may ...
For your consideration ...

Fauci then urged Americans to get tested the day before attending holiday gatherings, including Thanksgiving, which is two days away.​

Anyone, that gets covid tested without displaying any symptoms, or is hypochondriac enough to get tested when coming down with the sniffles, is an idiot. The test picks up any and all viral fragments that reside in the body at the time, (from a past cold, flu, or whatever 10,000 virus we carry), can't tell the difference from COVID, the flu or a cold, and magnifies them exponentially. The test is very subjective, and with a positive, with most times being a false positive, the patient's condition is then listed in their medical records, (forever), by their complicit medical practitioner, as carrying/infected the dreaded covid necessitating further, (profitable), medical intervention, or coercion into getting the clot shot.

Also, your medical status is no one's businesses, let alone the business, or the boss you work for. Stand your ground when it comes to your personal medical information. Keep it private.

So never ever get tested for the BS covid "virus" or allow any medical practitioner to coerce you into getting one. It is simply does not work and is used a profit maker for the medical establishment.

It has been proven time and time again that the PRC test is not fit for purpose. Even the inventor of the PCR test proclaimed it was never intended to be used in such a way, only to be used in research. PCR is not a “test “ per se, it is a process for isolating and amplifying sequences of genetic material in order to better study them. It is not like a bacterial test where a throat is swabbed and the mucus placed in a petri dish to see if a certain bacteria grows in able to identify it.

As an aside, why is there no blood test to identify markers that someone has this supposed virus, like the markers in blood serum indicating an AIDS infection? Hummmm?

From the inventor himself, Kary Mullis, before it was disappeared at the start of the plandemic.