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Political signs have become a form of trash in the beautiful landscape of our County, if not the State. We need to have a law that all of the political signs that some will argue doesn't do any good anyhow, have to be placed no more than 30 days before the election and no more than 30 days afterward ALL of the political signs have to be taken down. You probably noticed this year the signs were up like six months before the election! That's enough to drive anyone crazy!


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I believe there already is an ordinance on the books requiring that candidates removed their signs within a certain period after an election ...I know its 2 weeks in many places but not sure about MD.


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If you are a goose or duck hunter, find someone willing to get rid of their corrugated plastic signs and make them into decoys.


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I may be wrong but I think the State code is 45 days prior and 10 days after the election. Signs have to be on private property.

It's really vague whether a landowner can choose to keep a sign up outside those guidelines.