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The UN believes that they have a right to barge into the sovereignty of nations and tell them how to run their countries. It is a right that is only used on free countries while it ignores the atrocities of countries that are not free. I don't know if right is the correct word, but it's easy to go to Australia or the US and enjoy a nice vacation trip while trying to put pressure on them. Try i in Russia or China, or Iran. See how you enjoy those trips. Try it in the Maldives.


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US KMart is down to 3 stores in CONUS, 6 elsewhere, Sears has 42 at last count.
All the Sears Hometown stores were shuttered earlier this month.
Aussie KMart has been separate from US company for about 30 years.

I worked for KMart in the mid 80's and mid 90's.