Snow Removal


#*! boat!
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I can't help but wonder what happens if the driver gives the jet engine a bit too much throttle....


Yeah, whatever
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This morning I looked outside the window and saw all this white stuff all over the ground. Then I remembered it's sand.


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Monello. You might invest in one to Plow OLDHILLCRESTGUY out of your way if you want a 2nd Championship 🏆🏆
He wants his 4th 🏆🏆🏆🏆
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We had those in the capital of the Central Asian country I worked in. Nothing cleared the streets like this rig! Cars, snow, pedestrians, what have you. A fearsome sight to behold!

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When I was a kid in Northern NY this was what they used to move the snow. Walters Snow Fighter. Only used for snow. Interesting googling for them. Quite a history.