So...Chelsea Clinton


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She got jumped by progs at a memorial for the NZ shooting people. Prog girl and her gang say the shooting is Chelsea's fault because she criticized Ilhan Omar's spewings of religious hatred.

So #1, these people are ****ing crazy.
#2, ha ha. Hey Chelsea? This is your circus. These are your monkeys. You and your cohorts created these people. Your mommy is their Borg Queen.

Ilhan Omar handed Chelsea a bitch slap on Twitter, and good little Chelsea rolled over and came right up to the line of apology without quite crossing over. I expect she will indeed cross that line in the next couple of days.



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Well this shows just how crazy these NYU children are.
Chelsea may be a lot of things, but she certainly is not guilty of inciting this crazy bass turd to kill Muslims.

I don't doubt she got into college through a bribe or because Mommy and Daddy were Bubba and Hillary though.
And she damned sure got lucrative deals when she graduated because of them.


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If this were Sparta we'd be flinging them off a ledge.