So Many Animal Agencies...


Beach Patrol

I must get 20 pieces of mail per week from different animal agencies, asking for donations - I try to send as much as I can - I always support the American Humane Society, World Wildlife Fund, Ocean Conservancy, and my favorite - Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

However, I get these 'please help us!' things almost every week. Maybe if they'd quit sending out so much paper fluff asking for donations, they'd have more money to do what they actually NEED to do.

For some reason, this just bugs me. :mad: Especially when I send a check one week & then get another piece of begging mail the next.

This happen to anyone else? What agencies (if any) do you support and why?


American Beauty
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I gave to the Amercian Cancer Society and I now get requests from every health organization imaginable. Drives me nuts too! I can only keep so many of those free address labels!