So Vrai

OH #### you all! I plan on trying to find some way to get rid of this forum. I know people and I can make it happen!

Oh my goodness! You mean just made this up and this is all just step one in your personal vendetta to make the forums go away since you can't seem to stay off of them yourself...:doh: Really. All you have to do is log off and never log back on again. You can do it if you really, really try.


aka Mrs. Giant
I say - since you are premo - you can delete this tread at anytime - the sooner the better.


What love is all about
I am confused. If you do not know 100% that Vrai did reveal this person's MPD then why are you accusing her of it? Are you not in fact doing what you are so pizzed at this other person for doing?

Also if it was never used why give a rat's azz about it being told to someone?