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Take a breather people. Jellybean's unexpected departure is really causing Mousy some emotional stress.

Mousebaby ..... slowly back away from the computer, ask one of your ten kids to tighten the straps on that pretty little white jacket and take a chill pill. We'll talk to you when you come back to reality.



What love is all about
OH #### you all! I plan on trying to find some way to get rid of this forum. I know people and I can make it happen!

Ok if you hate the forums so much why still log on?

Furthermore you know how people respond to you. If you did not want this response then you should not have posted a thread about this in the first place. Since you did then you opened it for yourself to get this... You could have just pm'ed her over it. I think that you want the attention no matter how negative and therefore your posting of this thread. If it was to bring attention to something you believe was done wrong there was better ways of going about it.


I'd liked to have seen Ink get banned. She went a little nutso in the declawing thread, even coming from the perspective of someone who's not such a big fan of it myself.