So you think you had a tough tour in the military.


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Fuzzy memories become clear as she recalls the events of Feb. 7, 1944, in vivid, tearful reverence. A surgical nurse, Somes had only been with the 95th evacuation hospital for a couple of days when the chief nurse ordered her to take a corpsman to her tent and dig a foxhole under her cot.

The nurse and the foxhole saved her life when a German pilot, pursued by British fighter planes, unleashed five antipersonnel bombs.

Somes jumped into a nearby foxhole filled with cold water. “The earth just shook and I was in that hole and the earth felt like it was closing in on me and I wouldn't get out,” Somes said.

When the bombing stopped, Somes and the corpsman emerged to see where they would be needed.

The hospital tent had been leveled.