Social Media Influencer Mom Faces Charges for Accusing Couple of Attempted Kidnapping


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A California mother at the center of a kidnapping allegation was recently charged with giving false information to law enforcement, according to Sonoma County prosecutors.

“Katie Sorensen, of Sonoma, faces two misdemeanor charges four months after she accused a Latino couple from Petaluma of attempting to kidnap her two children Dec. 7 at the local craft store,” the Petaluma Argus-Courier reported Thursday.

Sorensen eventually documented the allegations in two Instagram clips which drew more than 4.5 million views.

In December, KTVU reporter Henry K. Lee shared part of one of Sorensen’s videos.



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If I were that poor couple I would get me a good lawyer and sue the Kitch and any news outlet that carried her "story".
I mean for 10 times the number of views the worthless piece of internet trailer trash got.


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