Some Women Act Like Some Men ..... I'm Shocked


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A Top Woman In Gaming Resigned After She Was Accused Of Abuse

The allegations began in 2018, but in June 2020, Noni Och, a fellow game developer, made public accusations that a “well respected woman in game development manipulated and essentially groomed” her. This woman, Och claimed, publicly “said all the right ‘woke’ things and appeared to be an ally, but in reality used so many of the abuse tactics she preached against.”

The lengthy Twitter thread insisted that the woman tried to isolate Och from her friends, constantly victimized herself “to be above criticism,” and was only kind to others when she wanted something.

“She claimed she wanted to lift up other women, but really she was happy with their success as long as they didn’t climb above her. She spread rumors about other women she saw as rivals. She preyed on junior women because we were easier to manipulate and mold,” Och claimed.