Sometimes things were meant to be


Board Mommy
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When Monello and I decided to come off the road I had some heartburn because I'd miss the travel, but also because I was upset about not going back to my winter recreation gig at SPI KOA. That was THE best job I've ever had and the best crew I've ever worked with in all my 57 years.

As I was winding up the season, before we'd made the call to retire the motorhome, I found out my managers at KOA were retiring and new people were taking their place. I was assured that they were great and my program would be pretty much the same. So....okay.

Then a couple of the other key workers decided not to go back next year. Ugh. Rats. But that's okay, I'm sure whoever replaces them will be fine.

Then we decided to park ourselves permanently in PCB.

Then several of the guests that I had become friendly with, that had been going to SPI every winter for years and years, decided that they wanted to explore other options.

This morning I saw the final nail in the coffin: the asst. mgr who was the mainstay at that KOA, my partner in crime, who had been there for a decade has decided to jump ship and accept a position at Sugar Loaf Key.

So now I'm not sorry to be bailing on my winter program at SPI. It wouldn't be the same without my KOA family. Transience is the nature of the workamping beast, but SPI KOA had had that same crew and same core guest roster for years, and that's a testament to the managers and their leadership. Guests also like coming back every year to familiar faces who know them. They were absolutely part of the family.

Landing permanently in PCB was the right decision at the right time. :yay: