speaking Greek...


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The Goldberg brothers had nice deli in Brooklyn that was finally getting notoriety after 25 years of fine foods , customer service and civic pride..

They decided that they should look good for business and meeting politicians, so they called a tailor fit them with expensive suits.

Mel Broccus, an associate and congregation Temple brother agreed to make custom suits.

"Mel, you must make black suits!!! You must, not a blend, but deep black", the brothers told him. Mel assured them he was their man.

"I've known you two for many years now..." he said..."I vill make you best suits in New York", "Black too!! Nuns habit black" he said.."These you vill like"!!

A few weeks later, the two get fitted and decided to show them off. As they admired each other, one brother said, "hey, these look gray black, not black black"...as they pondered the color, they spot a couple of Nuns walking toward the Catholic Church..

They caught up with the Nuns and without even saying a word, pressed their sleeves against the Nuns clothing!!! Well, the Nuns were shocked and chased the men off!!! The elder Nun said, "Oh my Goodness, what nerve!!! Those two men were so rude!!"
The younger Nun, still shaking from the event, said, " Sister Katherine, I think they were Greek!!!, So rude"!!
Sister Katherine said, "what?? what's that"??
The younger Nun said, " Yes, yes, I heard them say, Broccus Fucctus" !


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An Ancient Greek man walks into a tailor and holds up a torn tunic.

Tailor: "Euripides?"
Man: "Eumenedes??"