Spice shortage

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I was in Giant Friday night and am almost out of Italian seasoning, so I figured I would pick some up while I was there. BIG yellow sign over the spice display stating this and lots of bare areas. And no Italian seasoning to be found, plus the prices were jacked up. :faint:

Anyway, all the peeps now home-cooking are to blame. But the culprit isn't the lack of spices to sell; it's the lack of consumer packaging for it.

The bigger issue, he says, is packaging materials.

“Jugs, shakers, bags, plastic tubs — the lead times are stretching from two to three months and now into the new year. We’re having to bring in plastics where molds don’t fit the specs,” he says.

Overstreet at Spiceology is having similar problems. The company has pivoted entirely to direct-to-consumer, launching 13 new salt-free blends in August. The spices themselves have been relatively easy to source, he says, but 2- and 9-ounce glass jars, 5.5-ounce plastic containers, and even restaurant-sized containers have been in short supply.
A spice boom has left manufacturers scrambling, and packaging materials can’t keep up (inquirer.com)


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Yeah, been happening a while. I had trouble finding things like cinnamon in the little containers last summer.

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We were at a walmart last night in Yucca Vally and they had a .99 bargin bin, and it had Itallian in the bin. I would bet that all of them have the same display.

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Gotta watch the dates. Old spices loose a lot of the punch.
LOL... I get it, things go through walmarts distribution centers and to the stores very fast. Products that sit in a store start getting discounted at 180 days. The discount accelerates for the next few weeks until its all sold.