St Mary's tax dollars at work?


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I like chromebooks in general. Fairly fast with cheap hardware, no real viruses to worry about, can use phone apps. But the HPs typically only get updates for a couple years and for most chromebooks they become e-waste afterwards (not everyone wants to or has the ability to install a different OS on them).

Given government contracting these are probably already end of life.


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I don't mind this initiative. As long as the laptops are used for LEARNING purposes only (given to school-aged children in these homes) and are "locked down" like the laptops other children got for school work.
If they are just free laptops with no restrictions, then its a hard NO. I don't need to pay for some 23 year old high school drop out to surf porn all day.


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Government needs a hard reset to get back to the basics - public safety, roads, and education. That last one is debatable though.
And taking kids to the super bowl, because that's educational or something.


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Way down in the fine print:
This initiative is part of the Fast TRAC program and is funded by the Connected Devices Grant from the Maryland Office of Statewide Broadband. SMCG is working to Fast TRAC our citizens on the information highway through:

Just another part of statewide broadband expansion.


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While i'm against the redistribution of wealth of course.. chromebooks are cheap and i think it's a good idea.. I'd rather poor kids learn computers and be home and be online, instead of out running the street doing ignorant things.. I think they'd less likely become criminals.. Give them access to a wealth of educational material.. at worse , i'd rather they be in grandma's basement online their whole life than being out in the streets bothering decent folks.. let them be incels at home and not out in the streets babies making babies.. probably not what the democrats intended but sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.