Stacey Abrams, what to make of this crazy person


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She's still insisting that she won the election she lost by 50k votes.
She is insisting that she might run for President and probably win.
She is being bandied about as a VP pick by new outlets that know better than to beclown themselves with these silly proclamations.
Even the progs are fed up with her antics and dragging her on Twitter.

The people of Georgia have to be heaving a sigh of relief that they dodged that bullet.


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After you win a race for Governor of a State. They call you Governor.

It's not happening Stacey.
But take some of the campaign money you have left and get that gap in your teeth fixed.


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They're simply calling into question every single part of our election process as to legitimacy. That's the deal with what they've done with Trump, and they're extending it to all other elections as well. In short, they're gas-lighting the crap out of the American public.