Stage 2...and 50% restaurants


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Forgive my uncertainty (considering the conflicting info being circulated) but are there any restaurants that have opened their wait-tables to 50% capacity yet? Outdoor seating? If there some timeline when we should be expecting this reversal of tyranny?

NC is already allowing restaurants (in some counties) at 50%...I was hoping that that "allowance" is already functioning in SoMd or is imminent.
Thank you for clarifying.
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Have we gotten past Phase Uno
Locally Chuck and PG are going to start Phase 1 this weekend.
Montgomery has not plans to enter into Phase 1 - probably on account of all the undocumented workers the rich folks keep in their sanctuary county.


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The edict from Mount Annapolis granted authority to the county leaders to continue their shutdowns OR allow them to follow on with phase 1. BUT the less affected counties cannot allow openings beyond the phase 1 guidelines set forth by the state. So no outdoor seating yet. I know that outdoor dining is available to folks in the Northern Neck of VA.