Stain Glass Repair


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Gonna have to watch this thread, I have a lamp (like below) that has a couple broken panels that I would like to get fixed.



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I couldn't make it that week and she hasn't been open since. Is she closed for the season? I'd hate to just stop by, so tom speak if she's closed.


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There's almost always a stained glass vendor at craft shows/fairs. Don't know of any right now, maybe something to keep an eye on.

Isn't there a big crafting show on base near Christmas? If they even have it anymore?


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There's a lady in Hollywood that does stained glass. I think her place is called Junk-a-liciuos? It's on Mervel Dean Rd and she has a sign out. I have her card somewhere....


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Thank you. We had it custom made in Dover, DE. The original fabricator will not respond to our emails.
I hope you get it repaired. I am a freak for stained glass and have several large ones. I cut holes in my house when it was renovated for two of them! I have another in my living room that has a light behind it.