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Pulled the trigger and pre-ordered Starlink satellite service. Won't see it for a while, it's not available here until mid to late 2021. I have DSL thru Verizon, and it sucks. 1M download (that's not a typo...) and horrible reliability. It's been down this past week more than it's been up. Nothing more frustrating than to be on travel and try to contact home services and get no connection, or try to use two Internet devices at the same time.

I was hesitant to consider ABB because of all the issues people have talked about.

Starlink is only $20 more expensive per month than my DSL (initial hardware costs excluded), but the speed increase is 50 fold minimum. The website says between 50 and 150 Mb/s, but another article has data rates at 300Mb/s or better. We'll see... I won't know what do do with all that bandwidth....

I've had satellite tv before, so know the potential downfalls, but because the satellites are in low orbit, lots of them, and not 22 thousand miles up, those issues are minimized. One vendor for hardware and service, one call to make for any problems.

@vraiblonde Maybe a consideration for you?


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Ordered mine a while back, luckily I have decent service except when I dont:) They are knocking out two to three launches of 60 sats each month. Constellation, and therefore service, gets more robust with every launch.