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Virginia man erects electrified fence near school bus stop to keep kids off property

A homeowner in Sandston, Virginia is tired of students coming onto his property while they’re waiting at a nearby bus stop. So he chose to erect an electrified fence to ensure they would get the message.

“They don’t respect other people’s land,” the man told WTVR-News. “I pick up trash every day.”

That’s when the man, identified by ABC 8 as Bryan Tucker, decided to set up an electric fence, which WTVR-News reported is powered by a battery.

The fence separates the man’s front yard from a school bus stop, according to the news station. He took the measure because he claims simple “no trespassing” signs didn’t do the trick.

“Nothing stops people,” he told WTVR-News.

On Tuesday, when many children were waiting to take the bus to the first day of school, people began to raise concerns.

"I touched it, I got a slight shock, it wasn't that great," James Mehfoud, who lives in the neighborhood, told WTVR-News. "I understand his concern. I just don't think he understood the neighbors' concern about their kids. One of them could touch it, fall into it, and get shocked."

Outraged parents called officials with the Henrico County Police Department, ABC 8 reported.

Tucker was later told to remove the fence because it was technically placed on county property. However, he can reinstate the fence as long as it stays on his property line, according to the news station.

How about you parents teach your kids to respect private property and to not litter? What a concept! :coffee:


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I wish I'd thought of that.

At my old house, I had one of those plastic walls around the flower bed near the road - and every few days I'd come home, someone had pulled it out and tossed it into the driveway.
I had a huge rosebush - and I'd see grade school age kids walk up to it and try to YANK flowers off of it. And my mailbox would get vandalized - and mail tossed in the street.

After wasting my breath enough times - to kids AND grown-up parents - I took out the garden trim and replaced it with yews, and cut back the rose bush. Found a more secure mailbox.

And eventually - moved away. I have no idea whatever happened to those vermin.


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I dont blame the man a bit. Parents should tell the kids to respect other peoples property, but, I guess that's asking them to be parents and thats probably out of the question.

I saw one of those news shows on Saturday morning. They were doing a story on a woman who has started an etiquette school for kids. It teaches them good manners and proper table your parents used to teach you at home!! She's making a fortune, wish I'd though of that.


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Why not call the school and request that the stop be moved. How about in front of some of the students homes? Let their parents deal with it.


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The only problem is he put his fence 18ft into the public right of way. Wasn't even his land he was fencing in, lol.