Stock market to fall 5% on a Biden win....

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TickerTocker's Steve Kalayjian, said: "The S&P 500 is fine now, but if Biden wins, there will be a sell-off. If Trump wins, you'll see the Dow and S&P easily climb to new highs," Kalayjian said. "I see a decline of 5% or more."

Kalayjian said uncertainty over the Democrats plans including their climate policies and raising corporate taxes is creating uncertainty for markets.
I don't think the Democrats are being forthright with the policies they are prescribing with the Green New Deal, Supreme Court, and new tax policy both corporate and individual," Kalayjian said.


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I remember in 2016 the night Trump was declared the winner news people talking about Dow futures were showing a huge drop for the next day. Then it didn't happen. If Biden wins you will see a drop with businesses unsure if he will keep his campaign promises of taxing the hell out of them.


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In a Telsa shareholders group I'm a member of, they think a Biden win means good news for Tesla. EVs, maybe, but they forget that a) Tesla is famously not unionized, and b) Biden is a wholly owned subsidiary of the unions.

Every time Biden talks about EVS, its EVS "built by union labor". When he talks about installing charging stations, it's "built with union labor". And of course, the taxes he'll levy means far fewer people will have the disposable income to buy one. Not until the 25K car comes along in three years.