Sub cell phone pics lands bubblehead in hot water


Awww, jeez
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There are a ton of examples of government employees doing things they should not have done in regards to classified info. Hillary needs to be charged. Then the dems can pull uncle Joe out of the bull pen.
A Navy sailor has pleaded guilty to charges that he illegally retained photos he took with his cellphone of classified areas and equipment inside a nuclear attack submarine based in Groton.
Federal prosecutors say 29-year-old Kristian Saucier of Arlington, Vermont, pleaded guilty Friday in federal court in Bridgeport to unauthorized possession and retention of national defense information. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.
guilty as charged


God bless the USA
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Awww, jeez
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Not sure this guy deserved a year in jail.

[FONT=&quot]President Trump has pardoned former Navy sailor [/FONT]Kristian Saucier[FONT=&quot] who was convicted of breaking laws by taking a photo inside a nuclear submarine, the White House said Friday.
[FONT=&quot]The case gained national attention because the prosecution of Mr. Saucier contrasted sharply with the Obama Justice Department decision not to bring charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified material on her secret email server.[/FONT]
Mr. Saucier[FONT=&quot]’s attorney unsuccessfully used a “Hillary Clinton defense” that argued his client couldn’t be held to a higher legal standard than Mrs. Clinton.[/FONT]